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New Client Session

– Introductory Rate

This session is a must for all new clients of Trained Touch – Muscle Therapy. During this session, we will introduce you to our all-inclusive, 100% customized T3M - 60 minutes session.  This session is designed so our therapist can gain a complete understanding of your unique condition, start the process to improve your condition, and provide a detailed plan of action to get you back to what you enjoy. Read More

The Trained Touch Method

– T3M (All-Inclusive)

The Trained Touch Method (T3M) takes the guesswork out of selecting the right massage for your unique condition. Whether muscle pain from injury or a chronic medical condition, T3M is designed for you. T3M is the go-to choice for athletes (professional/amateur/young/old) to help recover after a workout/event or help improve their muscle performance. Read More

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